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Surf Photography...then, now and whats next? with Tod Glaser and Dane Gudauskas.

On this episode of "conversations" Dane and I sit down with good friend and water photography warlock, Tod Glaser to discuss his journey in the surfing world.

When we were kids there was a distinct way to make a name for yourself in pro surfing. At least around our area, it was waking up in the dark and going down to Salt Creek and hoping that the lighting was good enough for Larry "Flame" Moore to be shooting. Larry paved the way in terms of Surf Photography for a lot of the crew from southern California to see a road into an occupation and lifestyle. Tod is a great example of the next generation from Larry Moore. His mellow, low key demeanor offsets his love for putting himself in incredibly dangerous places with only his swim fins and water housing. If you were to flip through a SURFER magazine from the last ten years you probably would see "photo: Glaser" on a lot of those pages.

Patrick, Dane and I have become great friends with Tod over the years and beyond his amazing talent is his insight into photography that is so incredible. I reached out to him in hopes that he could shine some light on the ever changing landscape of surf media through the eyes of a surf photographer. In a new era that sees an important repost as valuable or more than an actual printed cover shot you could say a lot has changed. I just wanted to understand his perspective because I do believe Tod has transitioned really well into the new social surf era while keeping a core balance to how he portrays himself and his imagery in the media. As he says in this interview a "humble brag". Thank you Tod for making this conversation very special!

I hope you enjoy this episode. There are quite a few unreal images that Tod took sprinkled through for your viewing pleasure. Also please reach out if you have enjoyed these longer format chats. This is our last filmed conversation and are hoping to revise and keep things going so we are open to feedback! Thank you for the support!

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