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“Be careful with those boards dude, they will ruin your surfing.”

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

“Be careful with those boards dude, they will ruin your surfing.”

I love surfing lowers on whatever board looks the weirdest nowadays. It truly is one of the best canvas in the world to try any and all equipment out. I grew up on a strict diet of refined rails and three fins trying to get every last bit of juice of each wave I would ride tho, so maybe the shock factor of needing to find something fresh out of lowers bummed this man out. I could see it in his eyes actually.

Very genuine with his comment.

Misguided in direction but caring none the less.

Surfboards with 2 fins is exactly what it is.

An edit based off of riding twin fins of any and all sizes and widths.

Seems like twin fins are in. Especially ones that are as easy to turn as your generic thruster is. Almost consider boards like fishbeards and that realm of twin fins your gateway entry into something that might drift you from your thrusters.

To the decline of your surfing apparently.

Do you love it?

Go further.

Get more classic with it. Go as far as you can until you can’t actually look good even going straight on the board because its hard as hell to ride. The spectrum of fish shapes is wide and long with an insane lineage of history behind each different kind of shape.

In this edit Dane grabbed an experimental 6’10” long twin fish from Devon Howard. Looks super fun under his feet.

I tried a couple on it too however didn’t amass anything worth including into the edit.

My “yank and crank” fish style leaves me still bewildered on those longer ones, but it still remains a dream to figure things out more. Guys like Joel Fitz and Ozzy Wrong have been my reoccurring instagram search for inspiration.

Funny, just today I was sweeping out the garage and put in an old surfer’s journal vhs on the North Narrabeen beaches area.

History lesson.

Terry Fitz.

Sultan of Speed.

Maybe one day.

Dane and I also ride a very similar looking twin in this edit. His is red and mine is orange. Dane ordered it about 4 years ago and loved it. I followed suit but the fins were glassed a couple inches too high. After riding it a bunch I realized it felt like a hula hoop having trouble moving forward like normal fishes.

I actually asked the crew at Global Glassing if they would break them out and reglass them on.

Love those guys

I felt like a princess asking that

A couple months later the board was tried again and was magic. Had it ever since.

We traced it back to Santa Barbara thinking it was an old CI model Joe Curren shaped call the “even Keel”

Apparently it wasn’t. That board is “impossible” to ride or so they said.

Channel Islands rules. They pulled out all these artifacts from the warehouse and we saw the direct lineage from the first twin fins that Al was shaping. Even Keel, Skinny fish, High performance fish, retro fish… The list keeps going.

Britt got all fired up and kept the two fishes that we brought and wants to play around on trying to find another one similar to it. Standing by.

Back part of this section is one session at lowers.

After staying with Mikey Febs in Hawaii last winter things changed little bit. I came home and ordered one of the fishes he was riding. 6’1’’ twin pin.

Mikes a huge inspiration, I like the surfing he does on twin fins.

Smooth. Radical. Freestyle.

I took it out to lowers and had a really good time. I don’t think anyone noticed it wasn’t a normal board so I didn’t cop any comments about taking steps backwards or forwards.

Dane ends the edit with his Tyler Warren mega fish.

Tyler is such an insane shaper, he can shape anything. I just got a fireball fish inspired quad from him that feels incredible. Anyhow, the way Dane torques down the bolts on the heavy machinery is a wonderful thing to see. Dane has so much bigger board IQ whether its his cloud break stuff, his prized longboard from the DUMP or any bigger board in general. Really wonderful to see. Hope you enjoy and ride a surfboard with two fins one day too.


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