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Don’t change over summer. Shit changed over summer. If you told me the last day of summer we would still be in the midst of a pandemic with the ease of everyday life it would not have been believed. I remember when the first wave hit us in a matter of a week and the fear was so omnipresent it felt tangible. As time presses forward the fear subsides, the facts grow, and we adjust. This is all within the mind of a thirty something year old.

Imagine being a kid during these days.

Don’t change over summer.

The class that didn’t get graduation.

No yearbooks.

I loved school. Not the homework, or the tests or studying but the experience of school was everything. Having friends, packing lunches, bus rides, school dances, being awkward growing up, looking back, it all ruled. Of course at the time it sucked, but now I understand that going through high school is a social coming of age that prepares you for what is relevant in life. There is nothing more character building than approaching a girl you have been in love with for years for an awkward chat not knowing that you still have left over peanut butter jelly sandwich in your braces. I laughed with Dylan Graves the other day that I was most grateful that we lived through high school without social media. Everyone needs to grow and become a human and sometimes that experience can be clunky. Not trying to relive unnecessary memories or stories but I am a big believer in the school system and its grounding experiences.

Enter Tyrone Fomenko-

15 and just about to get his license. Working at catalyst in San Clemente and going to school. Surfing a ton, just got some great new boards and has been ripping. To me Tyrone is embodying being where a 15 year should be. Having fun. We first found Tyrone when he tagged Dane Damus in an instagram carve shot of his own calling Dane out. At that time he was 12 or so and had long red hair. We started seeing him around town more and more and loved everything about Tyrone. He gets pissed when lowers is too crowded, he isn’t super talkative, he is respectful and he rips. Oh, and at one point he had long corn rows and an all red wetsuit. Tyrone is a legend.

Working through this edit was really fun. It started with some feedback from Dylan that he was most excited and surprised with the couple Tyrone clips that had been laid on the first timeline. We dove deeper, started shooting with Tyrone and asked him a couple questions to get a little context into who is T funk as he is known. His love for Georgia Peach Coca Cola is on point and his surfing is rapidly improving. Alex Kilauano came up with the name “Don’t Change Over Summer” as a funny mantra and we all loved it. It took me back to my year books and always laughing when someone wrote just those four words in your book.

Artistically that spirit drove through the rest of the imagery. We collected as many yearbook photos around the age of Tyrone so it would look as if we were all the same age and did some fun Nickelodeon scrapbooks to go alongside it. Life is cool. Talking with Tyrone helps give a little context that for kids growing up through the pandemic maybe life is alright in the midst of all the overwhelming information the younger you are, all you really care about is hanging with friends, getting a car, and an ice cold coca cola. I hope you enjoy the edit, I plan to spend more attention with this website as it is fun to write little nonsense about creative endeavors. Be well!

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