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Catching up With Tyrone Fomenko

Outreach: Yo T! Wanted to catch up and talk about this latest edit and see how you doing?!

Tyrone: Right on Thank you!

Outreach: In this edit, you mention you got a new car? pretty rad you got a Tacoma! You got any shots with it? what would be your dream car if you could have any car in the world???


Tyrone: I haven’t got any shots in my car yet! If I could have one car in the world I would get a 2020 TRD pro Tacoma in army green color and deck that thing out!

Outreach:You're surfing insane right now T, whats been new for you in the water? have you been getting inspired by anyones surfing at lowers in particular? or is it is new boards, or both?!

Tyrone: I recently parted ways with Vans after five years which was pretty big bummer, But I got some new boards under my feet and some new motivation and I’m really having a lot of fun with it lately. Also, I’ve been kind of psyched just to go find a peak by myself lately with these crowds down in SC.

Outreach: How was your summer? what is it like going to school virtually now, are you still able to hang with Big ben and the boys?

Tyrone: My summer was pretty good ended up being a bit longer than expected due to corona. I was able to hang out with all they boys and go surf. I’ve also been fortunate enough to get a great job working with boards down at Catalyst over the summer!

What is next for you? You must be going into sophomore year??? whats the plans this year?

This year I’m just going to try to grind out school and hopefully get some stuff done with my surfing after this little push I got! Hopefully head out to Hawaii this year as well!

Outreach: You're a good dude Tyrone, keep it up!

Tyrone: Thanks.

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