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A COFFEE With Captain America.

Coffee brings people together.

It’s the conduit to morning conversations.

The spark in the ignition to start over the engine and steam roll through another day.

My fiancé was a barista at a fun craft coffee house BEAR COAST in San Clemente and I quickly learned how coffee shops create and hold communities together.

For me, right when the doors open is the magic time.

Crack of dawn.

Some with eyes barely opened, others perky as hell. You see the coffee zombies come piling in.

Coffee, it brings people together.

Then we moved. New town, new people and a lot of awkward adult growing. Like trying to make friends as an adult growing. I called my older brother San Diego lifeline in Taylor Knox and he took me under his wing. We went training (which I hadn’t done in a minute) got fresh made sourdough, then grabbed an afternoon coffee at a place Taylor said was the best cup of coffee he had in the entire world.

TK is well travelled, so I perked up.

Steady state is the name of the place, and the coffee did live up to its hype.

I came home and told Shelby all about what Taylor had shown me and we started our craft coffee ventures south of Pendleton.

Oceanside is incredible by the way.

Anyways, Shelby and I would hunker down and go into Steady State and enjoy coffees together on any day we had free. It became our spot. We met the owner whose name is Elliott. The entire crew that works there is genuine and rad, so it was easy to keep going back for more. Slowly dipping into a community that we had been able to enjoy in San Clemente, but in a completely new landscape.

Long story short, turns out Elliott used to shape the bamboo fins that TK was riding when he was on tour. He also has glassed boards at Moonlight Glassing and is a core lord in general. His surf IQ is very high and he is a good conversationalist. I joked with him when I started marinating this micro concept of “conversations” that he should help me chat with Taylor because he knows him better and he was down. He said he’d brew up a coffee and then we could continually start to talk faster and faster until our heads popped off.


But I was thankful to have the pairing of Taylor Knox and Elliott there to drink that coffee and loosely talk about surfing. In hindsight I could have had a bit more structure for questions with Taylor.

I’m learning to be a better host. But I still love it, and think there is a ton of insight in the talk. The idea behind these “conversations” is to allow a more behind the scenes look to these people. A fly on the wall approach for the viewer.

I started it with Dylan Graves because I am privy to how there is so much more behind Weird Waves than what is packed into each episode. We sat outside his van, had a couple beers, and talked it out.

I really wanted to see it grow with more people.

Enter Patrick and Neco.

That was a dream to me.

They are literally neighbors and I always thought there would be a great connection there.

I hope you liked that episode.

This is the moving to San Diego, loving coffee, and power surfing episode.

Then its gonna finish with a good froth between my brother Dane, Tod Glaser and myself in regards to surf photography and the arts of surf.

I hope the information shared here gives you more insight to what you are watching and why its special to me.

It would be really rad if you made a little cup of coffee while you watched this one. Ha!

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